Antwerp wedding photographer | Eva and Peter

Over the last few months I was fortunate to travel back to The Netherlands for a visit to the friends and family, and to shoot this awesome Antwerp wedding. When I met Peter and Eva they just seem like the kindest, loveliest people, and I couldn’t have been happier when they decided to book me for their wedding. What we couldn’t plan for was that the wedding was going to be held in the hottest day ever (well, almost then). The heat of a hot day in Europe is something else, we have a saying in Dutch – ‘The sparrows are falling dead of the roof’. It means it was hot, very hot. Windows were shut, people were staying inside, but Eva and Peter were embracing life as it comes, and got married with big smiles on their faces.

After a ‘first look’ in Park Den Brandt, we found some cooler spots to capture Eva and Peter. I thought they both looked beautiful together. So happy and sweet. After a short little drive we arrived at Salon Magnus, where the rest of the day was spend laughing, relaxing, eating and drinking and best of all – getting married.

I was so happy to be part of this beautiful day, to meet the two families, and capture the special moments. I am glad to have these photos to look back on, and to think again about how lucky we are when we meet the right person. Here’s a little summery of the day.

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