Waterfall shoot New Zealand

My friends Hillary and Jasper of the photography duo Photo Adventure were keen on having some couple photos taken, little did they know I was going to take them on a REAL photo adventure! I had seen this beautiful serene waterfall on the web before, and was keen on taking them there. Im all about the path less travelled and it seemed like the waterfall was in the absolute middle of nowhere. Hillary and Jasper were down for the adventure and so off we went.

What I hadn't realised, was that most of the shots of the waterfall were taken in the mids of summer, when the water was all calm and silk looking. When we arrived I heard a roaring waterfall and as my suspicion started to grow about the size of this thing, my nerves (and those of the couple) started to increase. And my goodness, the thing was raging! Icy water and millions of small droplets spraying a big curtain of water.

But...having our minds set on snapping some beautiful photos around this force of nature we embarked on our little adventure and got absolutely drenched within minutes. The water was icy cold, but we had a great time nevertheless. We will be back, thats for sure, but maybe next time in summer. After the waterfall shoot we continued down the road at a slightly less dangerous path, although we did nearly electrocute ourselves and I got my leg stuck in the mud about a meter deep. We managed to score some amazing golden light to warm up our souls and to finish off the super fun day.

Experiences like this are what life is all about though, going on adventures together, living real experiences and connecting with some pretty amazing humans. Thanks Hillary and Jasper, for putting your trust in me and for coming along on this crazy adventure.

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