Ask me anything

(wedding photography)

We’re not very good a posing at all, will we be doing anything like that?

As a photographer it’s my job to make your images look natural not stiff, not awkward and definitely not staged.  I want your images to bring out the best in you so I will be directing you to make you look natural, happy and care free and we are going to have a ton of fun along the way.   

How many weddings do you photograph per year?

To feel energized, relaxed and creative, I feel like my lucky number is around 15 weddings per year. After several years of shooting weddings, this number of weddings allows me to remain 100% energized and creative throughout the entire wedding season. Documenting your wedding is a huge deal to me. I have a great responsibility to capture your wedding in the best and most creative way possible, without it feeling repetitive or exhausting.  I also want to be there for you prior to your wedding. By meeting up and having Skype sessions so you can basically pick my brain about the do’s and dont's.

Do you travel and what are your charges?

I love to travel! It’s one of the great perks of my job (that and eating a slice of your wedding cake!). I am based in Raglan (New Zealand) but this doesn’t stop me from travelling to remote corners of both the North and South Island.  I also go back to Europe each year to see my family and photograph weddings (check out this stunning wedding I photographed in England). For overseas or far away trips I often charge accommodation, flights and rental car but who knows, you might be lucky and have me already in the same country. It’s always worth asking to see what we can work out! 

Could you describe in a few words which weddings are really your thing?

It’s super important for you and me to get along well as we are going to spend a lot of time together! I am basically going to be your third wheel on your wedding day. What this means is that it is important we the same expectations and outcome of your wedding photos. I personally love weddings that are full of emotion, character and are taking place at stunning locations (I am a sucker for New Zealand nature), with fun and carefree couples. Of course I also love to photograph all the little wedding details, amazing floral bouquets and stylish or quirky wedding dresses or suits. A wedding with a bit of a personality is probably what suits me best. 


Do you come with an assistant or second photographer?


You will be able to see in my pricing link that you will have the option of booking a second photographer separately. I probably shoot with a second photographer 30% of the time.  I recommend booking one if budget isn’t too much of a concern to you, or if you have a really large wedding. It’s great to have an extra set of eyes to capture those quick and unexpected moments and different angles. I also go home with more of a variation of photos. At weddings time is often an issue. For instance during our bridal party photos I can create more variation and action with more time. And with a second shooter that is exactly what I get, double the time! Your money will be well spent on a second shooter.

Do we receive all the photos you take during our wedding?

Depending on the amount of time and package you book, you will receive 400-700  photographs. These photos are carefully curated; making sure you will receive your best ones. I leave out the blurry ones, weird facial expressions or doubles. I promise you that afterwards it won’t feel as if you haven’t received enough photos. On top of the color photos you will receive most in black and white as well.

Do you bring your own food, or do you join us for dinner?

I will bring my own supply of snacks and water to keep me going during the day. As tasty as these snacks might be, there’s nothing more energizing and fulfilling than a warm meal. This meal doesn’t have to be anything fancy. At the same time I will be having a little rest, so I usually find myself a quiet little spot. Afterwards I will be all rejuvenated and ready for the big night!

Do you provide wedding albums?

Yes I do! After all the wedding madness has worn off, there’s nothing more exciting than to know you still have a little present coming your way. The only thing that will bring you back to that wonderful day, that exciting walk down the aisle or that beautiful speech of you mum are my wedding photos. Don’t let them turn into forgotten memories on your hard disk! Let them print. Visit my album page to read more about your options.