Pre Wedding Shoot NZ


An adventure pre wedding shoot in the beautiful Tongariro National Park, New Zealand.

Pre Wedding Shoot in The North Island

The North Island of New Zealand often get's overshadowed by it's bigger brother down South. But with an incredible diversity of landscapes, The North Island is putting itself more and more on the map as the perfect location for an elopement or pre wedding shoot. New Zealand has an impressive 13 National Parks, and the The Tongariro National Park is one of them. This beautiful volcanic landscape is unique, with it's snowcapped mountains, golden tussock grasses, rocky outcrops and ancient native bush. The perfect location for a pre wedding shoot.

Jenn and Fauzie travelled from Singapore to explore the beauty of New Zealand, and do their pre wedding shoot as a way of connecting with each other before their big wedding at home. As they were staying in Rotorua at the time, The Tongariro National Park was only a short 1.5 hours away. Not far for New Zealand standards! I wanted to take them right to the foot of Mount Ngauruhu, also known from the trilogy 'Lord of the Rings'. But with heavy rain at the start of our shoot, we decided to move location and go 10 minutes up the road. The weather changed instantly and the views across the vulcanic plains became somewhat visible, showing little signs of the beauty of this landscape.

Mountains, Waterfalls and Tussock Grass

The Tongariro National Park is a World Heritage Site and not without reason. Within 10 minutes of driving distance between spots, we were able to change landscapes and weather. From the Tussock plains to the Tawhai Falls and back to the beginning of the walk The Tongariro Crossing. There are many more locations worth exploring, with enough time on your hands. I would love to one day do the crossing with a couple. From the top you can see crater lakes, Mount Ruapehu and a moon-like landscape, unique in it's rugged beauty. It's not without reason this hike is voted 'one of the best one day hikes in the world'. So who's in?


The National Park is a must do attraction for tourists visiting  New Zealand. The park lies at the heart of The North Island, making it a central and easy location. There are plenty of accommodation options suiting a range of budgets, from higher end luxury hotels such as The Chateau to cheaper accommodation that can be found on airbnb. Most accommodations offer views across the central plateau and/or the mountains.

The photoshoot

Jenn and Fauzie were absolute troopers as the weather was very challenging! With snow still on the mountain tops, rain and just one thin layer of clothing, I feel Jenn should have won an award for the cold she had to endure! I loved watching how happy they were together, and how they are obviously going to make a great fit. Their energy together made them look real and natural, which made my job photographing them as a couple super easy. You can just feel it in the images, and that's how I love my photographs to look.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you are looking for your pre wedding shoot location in New Zealand. I am happy to help, and love to go on adventures.


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