Why do I love photography?


I've always been a big dreamer. A girl who thinks anything is possible, if only you set your mind to it. It started with my passion for surfing and love for travelling. I used to travel the world with a surfboard under my arm and a camera around my neck, in search for that perfect wave. But after years of vagabonding, I wanted to feel that what I did 'mattered'. To have a sense of fulfilment.

I found that in photography. When I hold that camera in my hand, the world changes into something beautiful. My senses are in full working mode and I can clearly see the little and big things that life is all about. Relationships, connection, emotion, beauty. It's all right there, in front of us. Sometimes we just need a little help seeing it. And that's what I am here for, to show you through my lens, the beauty of this world we live in.

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It was clear how passionate she was about photography and capturing the special moments that present on the day, to look back on. We really liked how Anne focussed on capturing “who we are”. Nothing felt staged, and she made us feel at ease."

Melissa Webby


Some random facts about me...

- I have a bachelor degree in PE, although I never envisioned myself teaching.

- I am a self-taught photographer and have been doing this 'job' for over 8 years now.

- 2 years ago I smashed all my front teeth jumping of the infamous jump rock at Manu Bay, I am lucky to be alive!

- Being a city girl I never thought I would end up living in Raglan, but fate had it's way and I now absolutely love it.

- I live in a tiny house with two kids and my Kiwi partner, but we are meant to start building our own house in Raglan soon.


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