Mini Sessions


Have you always wanted to have professional photos taken but never been able to afford it? Then this is your chance. Mini sessions are the perfect opportunity to have great professional photos taken without the sacrifice of time or huge amounts of money. And does the story of the missing person in each and every photograph sound familiar to you too? Now is your chance to jump in as well!


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Mini sessions are available for families (up to 8 ppl max), couples or just children. Your furry friends won't be able to join us this time sorry! I understand how imporant your pet is to you, but becasue of the short timeframe we will be needing all the time we've got to get the photos of the human members taken, without the distractions of pets. Thank you for your understanding!




Using engaging, fresh and creative photography for your brand is crucial to take your business to the next level. You want to appeal to a certain audience, and with a strong visual presence you can do exactly that. As a lifestyle photographer I am available for brand and editorial photography, travel work, portraits and other collaborations. Through storytelling I will create a strong visual presence of your business, unique to you and your audience.

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